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​​​​​EU & National Governments

As the only innovation policy consultants who also mentor and invest in startups across Europe, we are uniquely placed to advise governments and Institutions ​on creating startup-friendly environments.​

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, rather than academics or consultants who've never actually launched a company, and have over 20 years' hands-on experience in building and investing in high-growth companies.

Our innovation policy advice to EU Institutions and national governments therefore reflects what we learnt ourselves, and what we see on the ground across Europe every day as we coach the startups we're investing in and advise cities and regions on fostering entrepreneurs.​​

How w​e help

  • Invest: proven experience in setting up and managing co-investment funds, combining resources from public authorities and private investors to invest in startups
  • Advise: we help national governments and EU Institutions design their programmes and projects to better support innovation, technology transfer and startup creation
  • Cultiv​ate​: we run national and European projects to help young people, entrepreneurs, research teams and individual scientists turn their ideas into startups, and their startups into successful companies.

Designing funds, policies and programmes to support innovative startups? Get in touch.

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