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​​​​​​Supporting Cities & Regions

We deploy all of our activities to help individual cities and regions foster knowledge-intensive startups.

Like many innovation consultants, we have helped many (over 30) cities and regions develop their regional innovation strategies, working with Managing Authorities, Regional Development Agencies, city governments, incubators, accelerators, local large companies and other stakeholders.

Unlike other innovation strategy consultants, we can then deploy our investment funds and training activities to help implement it.

How we help​​​

  • Invest: we set up and manage co-investment funds with public authorities, private investors and more to invest directly in startups - see META Investment
  • Advise: with over 20 years' hands-on experience in investing in high-growth companies across Europe, our strategy advice reflects what we see every day as we coach the startups we're investing in - see Regional Technical Assistance
  • Cultivate: launch a Crea​tivity Camp to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in your city's young people, or roll out our Kaufman FastTrac® and Research ​Helicopter mentoring programmes for your entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Partner: we help cities and regions establish EC-supported research & innovation projects with their local Research & Technology Organisations​​
  • Synergy: we combine all of these activities in the city-oriented, challenge-based Meta Innovation Platform​ 

Need help fostering startups in your region or city? Get in touch.