​​Research Helicopter

META provides a range of services to help research/technology organisations, individual scientists and EU research projects become more entrepreneurial and better use their results.​

META has been helping research teams prepare and implement their project's exploitation strategies for over 20 years. We work before, during and after research projects, helping teams:

  • design research funding proposals so the resulting project is more market-oriented
  • prepare and then implement their project's exploitation strategies.

META's experience led to our selection as exclusive supplier of research exploitation services for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe 

"In the final meeting we got to actually present our pitch ​in front of real investors"


Some early impressions from the Future and Emerging Technologies Investment Readiness FET2RIN programme, helping 'blue sky researchers' working in the EC's (FET) Programme prepare for market.


How we help

Key services include:

  • Market potential evaluation
  • Innovation and maturity analysis: how innovative is the research, and how mature are the results?
  • Business and legal consultancy: structuring the business idea and ensuring legal protection to bring it to market efficiently
  • Team and competency analysis: what does the project need from each partner?

Do you need help transferring research results into products and services on the market? Get in touch​.

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  • Project: FET2RIN -  Coaching Future and Emerging Technology projects reach the market
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