​​Kauffman FastTrac® Training

Developed by the US Kaufman Foundation - the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship - FasTrac® helps entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their enterprise. 

Kauffman FastTrac® has trained over 300,000 entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, META is responsible for accrediting new FastTrac® affiliates across Europe, and has itself delivered over 200 training courses using the following FastTrac® programmes:

  • FastTrac® NewVenture guides the start-up process for entrepreneurs, including steps and exercises to determine the viability of the business concept and the correct path to formation and company launch;
  • FastTrac® TechVenture guides innovation-based entrepreneurs to move their idea from concept to market, preparing entrepreneurs for potential equity-investment opportunities and provides specialized content on equity financing, intellectual property and founder transition;
  • FastTrac® GrowthVenture helps existing businesses define and create a strategic plan for expanding the footprint and market share of their existing business.

30% of NewVenture participants started companies within 6 months of following the course, and 60% of GrowthVenture participants increased their revenue. Each course includes a variety of exercises, training programs, courses and tools, and provides all participants unlimited lifetime access to the exclusive FastTrac® resources and global community via the members-only FastTrac.org. 

Would you like FastTrac® training for your organisation, or entrepreneurs in your region? Or would you like to become a FastTrac® affiliate? Either way, get in touch.


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Kauffman FastTrac® is a registered trademark of Kauffman Foundation.​