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Horizon Results Booster hits 400 completed services milestone


 Since its launch in 2020, Horizon Results Booster has grown rapidly, helping more users maximise the impact of their research results

​Horizon Results Booster has reached a new milestone: 400 complete services have now been provided! Thanks to Horizon Results Booster, recipients of EU funding can learn how to significantly increase the impact of their research results. The initiative, supported by the European Commission, was launched in 2020 to train researchers on how to develop a business plan, exploit a research result or launch their project to market.

“Progress of knowledge is essential for any community, this public investment programmes
transform results into benefits for society, maximising the social, economic, technological, and scientific value
 of public funding, which is a must”,

explained Andrea Di Anselmo, senior expert at Horizon Results Booster and META Group’s President.
“This transformation is only possible if results are used, moving out of the R&D
 dimension and into innovation that reaches the market”
, he added.

Horizon Results Booster's innovative system for providing support enables researchers to identify a profitable business model for their project. Thus, the package provides an integrated view of a practical portfolio dissemination plan, offers guidance to improve the exploitation strategy, develops an effective business plan and, finally, brings the results closer to the market.

About Horizon Results Booster

Horizon Results Booster offers three main streams of support. The Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy package is divided into three further services: Modules A and B aim to build greater capacity to disseminate research results, while Module C intends to increase the exploitation potential of a project. Next, Business Plan Development helps beneficiaries to develop a business strategy including an analysis of the market and competitors. Finally, Go To Market supports the beneficiary by preparing the product for commercialisation.

Almost 75% of the 400 completed services, have been delivered through the Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy service. Thus, 102 services belong to Module A; 32 to Module B; and 161 to Module C. On top of that, beneficiaries have benefited from Business Plan Development services 69 times, and from Go To Market services on 27 occasions. Through Horizon Results Booster, 9 EU Dissemination and Exploitation reports were also completed, providing the analysis of the D&I clusters. 

Here is an overview of the organizations reached from the beginning of the project

Achieving market impact and long-term sustainability depends on effective and impactful dissemination and exploitation strategies and actions. This is why it is essential to dedicate time and effort to exploitation and assimilation of research results, as building from a poorly-laid foundation leads to disaster.

Do you need support to fully achieve the potential of your EU funded research and bring it closer to the market? Horizon Results Booster can help you maximize the impact, develop an effective business plan and prepare to secure appropriate funding to implement the project's results.

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