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Intellectual Property and Technolgy Transfer services for public research organisations

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 Are you a public research organisation pushing your research from lab to market?
Do you need assistance or advice on your IP strategy?
Apply now to IP Booster!

IP Booster is a new specialised professional IP service for Public Research Organisations looking to realise value from their research results. If you are a Public Research Organisation interested in this service, apply online here. Our experts will examine your case and guide you towards the best intellectual property strategy, at no cost and fully supported by the European Commission.

These services are covered:

1. Initial IP Audit: We will determine what type and what amount of IP protection is needed for the project’s intellectual assets
2. Patent Landscaping: We will design a patent landscape to clearly identify which commercialisation pathways are best
3. IP evaluation or due diligence: We will conduct a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by a project and estimate their future value
4. Patents, design and trademark applications: If you have an idea you’d like to legally protect, we will help you to prepare your patent, design and trademark applications
5. Negotiating technology transfer agreements: We will provide advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements, be they in or out licensing, acquisition or assignment of IPRs. 

Eligibility criteria: 

• The application must come from a European University or Public Research Organisation
• Your organisation must have benefited from EU funds for research at some time
• National funds must not be available that could support you to secure similar IP services
• Requested services should not duplicate other services you are already receiving

Applications for the first call are open until Wednesday 6 March 2019, and these IP support services will be available until December 2021.

These services are provided by META Group and ClearViewIP, funded by the European Commission.

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