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META Investment

 The first Italian public-private seed capital fund, investing in innovative companies in the Emilia Romagna region.

The fund was started with EUR 5.30 million by the Emilia Romagna region and EUR 1.7 million from fund managers. 

Managed by META Investment, the nine-year fund operated through the temporary acquisition of minority stakes in high-opportunity technological companies. It is now fully invested.

Key Points 

  • financed seed companies, startups and expansion stage companies in Emilia Romagna
  • 7 million EURO under management; 
  • Resources 30% public – 70% private
  • Invested a min 100k€ to max 1.500k€ per company per year 
  • One of META's INGENIUM family of funds - a sustainable fund model, proven via a range of funds in Italy, Slovenia & Poland, managing between them assets of 92 million euros.
  • Investment Policy:
    • Seed financing: supporting the idea-testing phase, where the product/service is new and its the technical viability has yet to be proven;
    • Start-up financing: promoting projects in the business start-up phase, when there is a prototype whose commercial viability is still unknown, for enterprises no more than 36 months old.

    Example Startups 

    • Angiodroid - is the innovative and exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for peripheral interventional angiography below the diaphragm. The Technology has been developed by company's laboratories during the last 5 years in cooperation with well-known Private and Public Hospitals as well as Italian University. The practice of the CO2 provides significant benefits and a very low rate of complications compared with iodinated contrast.
    • GreenBone - develops a highly innovative wood derived bone implants technology, to generate biomimetic – reabsorbable– load bearing implant suitable to address severe high morbidity condition including non-union fractures, through a breakthrough technology that foresees the realization of bone implants derived from natural structures such as the wood, with extraordinary regenerative properties and that are particularly suitable to face the loss of considerable portions of long bones following trauma or tumours, and other crises of the skeletal system.

    To learn more about INGENIUM Emilia Romagna I, drop us a line right here.

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