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Academy: Cultivating Entrepreneurialism​​

Achieving Impact from a Research activity. Conceiving, launching and growing a knowledge-intensive high growth company. Both requires a deep understanding and experience of the Knowledge to Market process.

META Academy helps organisations as diverse as public administrations and individual scientists and entrepreneurs along this path. Researchers and Entrepreneurs are most of the times motivated by different objectives. For over 25 years we have provided mentoring, coaching, training and consulting to thousands of researchers and entrepreneurs.


Researchers are at the heart of the knowledge generation process. When focusing on our findings, it is hard sometimes to look beyond and think about the impact of our research and how to best achieve it. META has been created by Researchers and we deeply understand this way of thinking. That is why we have created the Research Helicopter, a series of services that "speak the language" of the researchers and provides a helicopter view helping them seeing the "impact" big picture.

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High Growth Entrepreneurs are at the heart of knowledge valorisation process. Taking research out of the lab and testing it in the market, convincing other people and investors to join your company, going beyond your available resources is at the very heart of what we call ambitious entrepreneurship. They have to understand quickly what works and what not, be prepared to fail a number of times and have the energy to cross culture, market and many other obstacles. Our team and our suite of knowledge based tools is 100% focused on that.

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