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​​​​​​Creativity Camp​TM

Boost your region's or city's competitiveness - now and into the future - by harnessing the entrepreneurial potential of your young people.

The Creativity CampTM ideas laboratory is a unique creativity & entrepreneurship skills training event, designed especially for adolescents & young adults.


The process is designed to help them take their ideas from incubation point to structured and feasible business concept. They will develop a more entrepreneurial mind-set as a result, and will onboard useful entrepreneurial skills, business tools and expert advice from successful entrepreneurs & experienced investors. It is sometimes delivered within the framework of a Global Innovation Platform.

The end result is to help grow the next generation of entrepreneurs in your region or city, potentially driving growth for decades to come.

How does it work?

Generally held over a weekend, each Camp combines several techniques for enhanced training effectiveness: technical insights, real-life examples, testimonials, coaching sessions, workshops, training modules and more.

It is always tailored to the city's or region's specific needs and assets, and trains attendees in age groups corresponding to different stages of life & personal growth:

  • high school students (14-18 years of age)
  • university students, and their peers who don't attend university (19-25)
  • young professionals (26-35)


There are no specific requirements in terms of the attendees' knowledge or skills, although specific camps can be customised to specific profiles (e.g., women, temporary workers, unemployed, etc.).

Who delivers it?​

The Camp is run by a supervisor and tutors trained and certified by META in the Creativity CampTM methodology, supported by successful local entrepreneurs, experienced investors and professional psychologists from the region.

Apart from the Camp itself, the Client gets exclusive access to the Creativity CampTM website, providing training manuals and materials, practical advice and all needed documentation.


Would you like a Creativity CampTM for your city or region? Or would you lik​​​​e to be trained in delivering them? Either way, get in touch

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