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Cities Challenge Italy to launch 18 November


 META Group with GEN ITALY will launch on 18th November the 4th edition of the Cities Challenge, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The fourth edition of Cities Challenge Italy will be launched on 18th November by META Group and GEN ITALY, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. 
The Cities Challenge Italy is a contest that aims to stimulate the creation of new companies and strengthen the urban ecosystems. It provides support to start new businesses and rewards the most entrepreneurial cities. "Cities Challenge Italy" is free and is open to all Italian Municipalities that have between 50,000 and 250,000 inhabitants.
Cities Challenge helps to create effervescent entrepreneurial ecosystems within Italy. Cities have a central role in economic, social and cultural development. One of the challenges they face is to innovate and generate an entrepreneurial environment that enables them to create value for themselves and for the territory.
Cava de’Tirreni took first prize last time around, who will be the winner this year?
Find out more about the contest here: CITIES CHALLENGES website