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Creativity Camp

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Value your idea.

Creativity Camps are concept workshops that give participants the tools to translate the results of their studies, their insights and their creativity into innovative businesses able to compete on the market by offering original products and services. 


Participants, along with industry experts, are aware of their motivation and attitude towards entrepreneurship and are stimulated to have a critical view of their business idea. Professionals, entrepreneurs and market operators will be involved in order to interact with the participants from the outset and prepare them for the market's challenges.

Key Points​​​​​​

Participants will:

  • Get acquainted with the necessary techniques and tools used to turn an idea into a business
  • Learn to value their creative and innovative abilities 
  • Work alongside with professionals, entrepreneurs, market players
  • Interact with their peers and discuss how to improve their regions
  • Gain the confidence to test their ideas with experienced entrepreneurs

​The Creativity Camp Workshop

Through training sessions, group work, challenges and individual reflection moments, the participant is provided with the key and essential decision-making elements for structuring and implementing an informed and sustainable entrepreneurial choice. 

Creativity Camps allow participants to become confident and convinced that the results of their studies, their insights, their creativity can generate value for themselves and for their region by creating companies and / or making the existing ones more competitive.

  • Groups of people aged between 18 and 22 participate at Creativity Camps to learn how to better structure their ideas.
  • Professional entrepreneurs will act as mentors for each group of participants, helping them to better understand and implement their innovative and creative ideas.
  • All participants are offered the opportunity to be valued within the GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK, the leading worldwide company dedicated to business creation.

​​Creativity Camp Editions

Creativity Camp Umbria - Generating innovative and creative ideas

Creativity Camp Sardinia - Stimulating the creative ability of young people to generate entrepreneurial ideas

Creativity Camp Brussels - Business School: Good European practices

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