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Joy StartUp Profile - Manufacturing and Selling Vegan Meat

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Revolutionizing the way we look at food.

Joy is an Italian innovative start-up producing delicious "vegan meat". 

The product differs from the existing "soy meats" currently on the market, because it tastes and feels exactly like real meat, giving consumers the same "mordito", or texture and eating experience. 


Joy's technology results from two long-term studies developed by the Wageningen University in the Netherlands and by the German Fraunhofer Institute: the result is a proprietary product with typical meat texture based on grinded bean, cooked with various thickeners which provide the same feeling as chewing meat. It is 100% made with vegetables, gluten free, high in proteins and less expensive than meat.


Investment by META 

In 2015, Joy received a seed investment of 1,5 Mln Euros from the META Ingenium Umbria Fund and a leading Italian milling company. META's investment helped the company grow into a leading competitor in its sector. 

The investment reflects how consumers’ attitudes to meat are changing, with vegetarianism and veganism increasingly popular as people realise the environmental and health impacts of large-scale animal agriculture. 


As a result, the meat-free food market is growing exponentially: according to a survey in the U.S., Millennials are already more likely to favour vegan-labelled food in their purchase choices, with the same trend appearing Europe and the rest of the world.

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