BIA Separations StartUp Profile - Leaders in monolith chromatography

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 ​Award-winning innovators behind CIM®

BIA Separations was selected National Champion at the 2015-2016 European Business Awards​ thanks to their CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatographic columns, designed for producing, purifying and analysing large biomolecules.

BIA Separations are headquartered in Austria, with a research and production facility in Slovenia and sales offices in the US and China. BIA Separations were a National Champion and one of 10 Ruban d'Honneur recipients of the UKTI Award for Innovation.

New markets via META investments 

META INGENIUM Slovenia invested 1,5M EUR in 2015 to support the company's development, particularly into the food industry. 

According to Ales Strancar, executive director of BIA Separations Slovenia, "this was the only way of expanding into this massive industrial sector without compromising our gene therapy projects, which are multiplying exponentially."

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