APER Ventures: Open Innovation in Poland

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 The APER Ventures fund is dedicated to SME companies implementing "open innovation” technological projects in Poland.

Financing is provided through venture capital funds involving private investors, such as large industrial companies, who can provide "smart money” - able to validate the technology and deploy their experience, competences and contacts to create new commercial opportunities for the SMEs. 

An indirect objective of the Fund is also to develop the market of venture capital funds and investment teams, and so increase the activity of private investors in technology-oriented SMEs. 

Key points

  • What: Fund of funds 
  • How Much: 18,5 mln € (PFR) + 1,6 mln € (private capital) 
  • When: Investments in VC funds 2018-2020; Investments in companies 2018-2023 
  • Where: EU, CEE, Baltic countries 
  • How: 
    • Development phase: Seed, Serie A 
    • Investment ticket: 5-10 million with a follow-on option 
    • Model: classic fund, or co-investment, with private investors
    • Proportions: 60% PFR Open Innovation FIZ /40% of private contribution. 

Investment policy 

APER Ventures will focus mainly on investments in companies with the following profile: 

  • Hardware / software, including the Internet of Things from various sectors and sectors of the economy  
  •  Health and life protection, with particular emphasis on MedTech projects. 


Preferred: minority entries (<50%) with corporate rights' protection at the level of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Supervisory Board. 

Investment goals 

  • increase financing for innovative activities of SMEs  
  • support technology transfers to the economy  
  • commercialising R&D projects  
  • increase private investor interest in innovative technological projects  
  • promotion of technological cooperation between enterprises in the open innovation formula 

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