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Research Helicopter

Research Helicopter is a service aimed at supporting researchers in presenting, developing and implementing their projects within the European Union 7th Framework Programme.

Bring your research results to the market.

  • Evaluation of the market potential of your research (Your research results will be evaluated in order to have a clear idea of the market potential it will be able to provide);
  • The innovation degree and maturity of the research (Your research will be analyzed in order to see the innovation behind your project, also determining the phase your research is currently in);
  • The adequacy of the idea and the legal protection system (Your ideas will be structured in a clear way in order to bring them to the market in an efficient way, receiving business and legal consultancy);
  • The team and the competences involved in the project (A full analysis of the project will be conducted in order to specify the requirements needed from each member involved).

Research Helicopter is a service that helps researchers with the economic development of their projects under the EU 7th Framework Programme.

These projects will be structured to better explain how the research results will be valorised and to show what their economic impact will be, as requested by the European Union.

The objective of the EU 7th Framework Programme is to use the technologic transfer as a driver for the economic development and to optimize the resources used for every project.

Research Helicopter helps researchers in fulfilling the project proposal with the description of the activities forecast for the valorisation of the research work and participates in the implementation of the project after financing. The EU wants to stimulate the transfer of scientific research results to the market and in order to reach this objective, an efficient technological transfer process with appropriate tools and methodologies is needed.

For over 20 years, META has been supporting researchers is valorising their scientific research, in offering an efficient technological transfer and in developing European project proposal design. META can be both a partner during the writing phase of the project as well as in the implementation phase.

The services provided by META are not paid by the researchers, but by the European Union, in concordance with the financing share established by the call for the coordinator of the work package.

To learn more about Research Helicopter, please contact  META Academy representative Andrea Di Anselmo at, or visit

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