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Creativity Camp​TM

Ideas Laboratory – an unique creativity & entrepreneurship skills training format designated for adolescents & young adults

Boost your territory's competitiveness now & in the future, harnessing the entrepreneurial potential of the young​.​​​

  • Unique ideas laboratory format mixing several techniques for enhanced effectiveness of the training (incl. technical insights, real-life examples, testimonials, coaching sessions, workshops, training modules).
  • Grows the next generation of entrepreneurs for the given territory (a province, a region, a number of municipalities).
  • Provides the young with the enhanced entrepreneurial mind-set & trained entrepreneurial skill set, useful business tools and expert advice from successful entrepreneurs & experienced investors;
  • Helps the young to bring their ideas from the incubation point to structured and feasible product & business concepts.
  • With the possibility to be catered to the specifics of other beneficiaries (women, temporary workers, the unemployed, etc.) upon the Client’s request.

Creativity CampTM ideas laboratory is an unique creativity & entrepreneurship skills training format designed especially for adolescents & young adults, because their entrepreneurial mentality & know-how may significantly impact the future competitiveness of the territory they live in. Despite innovative companies are universally recognized as the drivers for the economic development for any given territory, most European regions do not have significant presence of start-ups.

One of the solutions to the problem, is to motivate young individuals to find the will & commitment needed to set off for an entrepreneurial adventure. However, formal training received by the young during school & university years usually lacks the stimuli & the tools to boost their ability to generate solutions to problems, to watch the surrounding reality with curious spirit, to find ideas for new products & innovations, and to develop them into a potential fundament for future business.

If one is looking for the solution to grow the next generation of young entrepreneurs that will generate value for the territory via establishing innovative companies, Creativity CampTM ideas laboratory is the answer. Creativity CampTM ideas laboratory helps the young to bring their ideas from the incubation point to structured & feasible product & business concepts in the course of two Camp stages and the coaching period that intervenes between them. During the Creativity CampTM the young are presented with several effective techniques (incl. technical insights, real-life examples, testimonials, coaching sessions, workshops, training modules) to enhance their entrepreneurial mind-set & to train their entrepreneurial skill set.

They are also become well equipped with useful business tools and expert advice from successful entrepreneurs & 6 experienced investors, who are invited to participate in the format as auxiliary speakers. The main beneficiaries of Creativity CampTM are people in the age between 14 and 35 years, without any specific requirements in terms of background training. They are trained in the age groups that correspond to the different stages of life & personal growth: 14-18 y.o. high school students, 19-25 y.o. university students (or their peers who don’t attend a university course) and 26-35 y.o. young professionals.

However, there is also a possibility to cater the format to the specifics of other groups of beneficiaries such as e.g. women, temporary workers or the unemployed, if the Client requires so. The time needed for the implementation of the entire format, i.e. from the promotional activities and the participants recruitment through the execution of the both Camps to the concluding phase, spans from around six months to a year.

The format is conducted by a supervisor and tutors trained in Creativity CampTM methodology & certified by META. They are supported by successful local entrepreneurs, experienced investors and professional psychologists.

The Client’s organization gets an exclusive access to the Creativity CampTM website, where one can find training manuals and materials, practical advice and all needed documentation (incl. presentations with detailed instructions and understandable explanations, support materials, videos, optional and enrichment activities and other useful resources).

To learn more about Creativity CampTM, please contact a META Academy or META Group Holding representative in your country, or visit the following website:

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