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​​​Angel Funds: fast and efficient

Leveraging Business Angels to help startups grow

Angel Funds were conceived following successful venture capital experiments in the US, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. Like many co-investment funds, they help bridge the equity gap for new innovative companies. 

Unlike most, Angel Funds invest exclusively in opportunities identified by Business Angels, so they both:

  • tap these informal investors' skills in spotting and evaluating investment opportunities 
  • reinforce their​​ capacity to provide quality managerial support to the startups the Fund invests in.

Ideal for small Funds​

The main costs of the due diligence are shared by the Business Angels involved, so they are both fast and efficient at spotting early stage investment opportunities. This allows the majority of the resources to be invested, even when the Fund is small.

As a result, they simultaneously increase the global investment capacity for the selected companies and Business Angels, while reducing the risks taken.

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